Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Jayln Manayah
Jayln Manayah.jpg

Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Race: Betazoid
Birthplace: Betazed (assumed)
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Black
Physical Build: 5'9", a size 8, 140 lbs. No birthmarks that are notiticable, though there is evidence however of one just over her spine at the base of her neck. Athletic. StrongTelepathic and Empathic abilities, flexible.


  • Starfleet Academy: Majors: Security
  • Starfleet Academy: Minor: Tactical
  • Specialist Skills - Diplomacy, Hand to hand combat, small weapons

Service Record

  • USS Crazy Horse - Cadet Cruise
  • USS Oklahoma - Security/Tactical
  • USS Fortuna - Assistant Chief of Security
  • USS Cordoba - Chief of Security
  • USS Majestic - First Officer
  • USS Caliver - Commanding Officer
  • USS Asimov - Acting Commanding Officer
  • USS Triton - Commanding Officer
  • USS Endurance - Acting Commanding Officer

Ct.jpg Azeri Fleet Command Training Completed

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet

Family & Background

Parents: Boren and Vilia Manayah
Siblings: Milan, Hova, Jaden, Tibin, Zelda, Filia


Jayln was found as a young adult on the streets of Betazed. How long she had lived on the streets was anyone's guess, Jaylan wouldn't say, nor would she say if she was a runaway or an orphan. Her thoughts on the subject were unreadable. One day, much to her surprise, despite having the surprising ability to hide amoung a city full of telephaths, she was caught. Boren Manayah saw potential in the skinny, but clearly intelligent girl he had been trying to track for weeks. Eventually Jayln became part of the Manayah household that already comprised of 3 boys and 3 girls. Jayln soon realized she had found a family and her troubled youth was left in the past.

Like her adopted father, Jayln eventually went into Security, also having a knack for tactical. Though her methods can verge on the edge of harsh and daring, she has received multiple commendations for protecting and saving fellow crewmen. Those commendations fortunately make up for the few lesser desired marks for actions deemed too risky. If asked about those istances, she had no regrets, sighting that the situation was solved and lives were saved.

She quickly worked her way up the ranks and was given command of the USS Caliver at the age of 35.

Psychological Profile

Jayln Manayah, Captain
RE: Annual Evaluation
Psych: Dr. Difarno

Jayln is a natural leader and to date has maintained a respected command presence in even the most dire of situations. Occasionally her methods can be considered unconventional and often put her individual health at a higher risk than neccessary, but she emerged from the situations with little injury. Those situations were few and far between. She has no regret about actions taken, even though they had left permenent notes in her record and when asked to reflect on them appears proud of her accomplishments at the time. Her methods are primarily by the book, though she has been known to skirt that line when she believes the situation warrants it.

When asked about her childhood before her adoption and induction into the Manayah household, she only expresses that it was hard and while it clearly shaped who she was, it is in the past. Even telepathic counselors have gotten no more than that. The emotions and thoughts relating to that time period in her life are as readable as a blank slate. Her past tendency for excessive risk to herself and her refusal to even discuss her early childhood do raise some concern, but her record has given little justification to pursue the issue further.

Crew evaluations have consistently indicated her to be a fair officer, not quick to anger and offering suitable discipline should the situation warrant it.

Hobbies: Jayln enjoys running and gymnastics. Her coordination and speed are a beauty to watch and she received many awards and titles for her athletic ability.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

5 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon1 Year Ribbon

Character Awards

Diplomatic Advance Ribbon
Awarded to characters who improves a diplomatic situation.

2013 June
Original Thinking Medal
Awarded to characters for original thinking during a mission. This can be in battle, during a scientific mission or engineering related.

2009 June
Janeway Medal of Honour
Awarded to an exemplary CO character who has served in such a capacity for more than 1 year.

2015 September
Spock Medal of Service
For significant creativity in advancing the goals of Star Fleet. This medal is handed out for worthy contributories across all fields. It can be used for recognition of a brave deed or for an ingenious twist that saves the day, the steady work in a field that doesn’t find recognition otherwise.

2014 September

Player Awards

Azeri Fleet Command Training
This is to certify that this player has completed the Azeri Fleet Command Training successfully.

2007 December
Rookie Award
For a promising new player. Must be awarded during the players first mission.

2007 September
Dax Award
Awarded to a player who has continuously helped with the flow of the "standard mission" when splits and inconsistencies have occurred, together with making new players feel welcome on their arrival.

2009 June
2015 March
2015 June
2015 September
Harry Kim Award
Awarded to a player who takes an active role in creative areas within the "standard mission".

2014 June
Odo Award
Awarded to a player who brings life to the game and whose influence boosts the creativity of other players in the unit they play on.

2014 December
Allegiance Award
Awarded to a player who has shown dedication, to their ship, or the fleet.

2007 December
2008 June
2008 September
2014 March
Valour Award
Awarded to a player who has provided additional work for the ship, crew or Fleet.

2008 September
2014 September
Azeri Commendation
Awarded to a player who has gone above and beyond his/her duties as a member of the Fleet by participating in off-game aspects of the ship's life.

2007 December
2009 March
Azeri Citation
Awarded for excellent service as a command player (Ship GM / CO or Asst. GM / XO) of an existing unit by being instrumental in making the ship an active unit within the Fleet.

2008 March
2009 September
Azeri Shield
Awarded to a Ship GM / CO who continually works as the Commanding Officer of a unit to ensure the unit is active.

2008 December
2009 September
Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a player who has distinguished himself / herself by outstanding meritorious service to the Fleet.

2008 December
2009 June
2009 September

Special Awards

Aw special.jpg
Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2007 September - "Circumstantial Evidence" (Dee) #14108
2007 December - "Let's Try That Again...Dismissed" (Dee) #14909
2009 June - "Guests of our Guests" (Dee/Opal) #17880
2014 June - "But Things Had Been Going so Well!" (Karen/Dee/Haili) #26021
2015 March - "That Wasn't Supposed to Happen!" (Dee/Karen/Robin) #26948
2015 June - "Do not fold, spindle or mutilate" (Robin/Dee) #27059

Mulgrew Award - Meritorious Creative Subject Heading
2009 June - "A Betazoid and an Andorian walk into..." (Dee/Opal) #18115

Bakula Award - Meritorious Comical Post
2007 December - "Little Miss Aloha Strikes Again" (Dee/Lori) #14710
2015 March - "First Impressions" (Dee/Nathan) #26860

Braga Award - Meritorious Action Post
2009 June - "From Dungeons to Robin Hood" (Dee/Opal) #17970
2013 September - “Into the Action” (Eric/Dee/Robin/Cyd/Karen)#25024
2014 March - "The Long Trek Back" (Dee/Eric/Karen) #25783
2015 September - "Why Don’t You Start at the Beginning" (Robin/Karen/Dee/Cyd) #27405

Berman Award - Meritorious Arrival by a Character
2007 September - "Lost" (Dee) #14126
2009 June - "20 years and 2 hours" (Dee) #17840
2013 Berman - "You came in that? You're braver than I thought" (Dee) #24761

Troi Award - Meritorious Emotional Post
2009 June - "A Hand to a Drowning Man" (Dee/Cyd) #18017

Kira Award - Meritorious Adventure Post
2009 June - "Hit Me Right Here" (Dee) #18092
2014 March - "So Much for THAT Idea" (Dee/Karen) #25724

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2015 March - "One Last Chat" (Dee/Haili) #26779

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2009 March - "Keep Talking" (Dee/Brenda) #17459
2009 June - "No Children Harmed in this Hallucination" (Dee/Brenda/Jai) #17935
2013 June - "Meeting the Natives Again" (Eric/Dee) #24923
2014 March - "Cover!" (Kassie/Karen/Eric/Dee/Haili/Jamie/Cyd) #25636
2014 September - "Cracks filled with Gold" (Dee/Robin) #26383
2014 December - "Never Could Say No" (Dee/Haili) #26463
2015 March - "The Party Must Go On" (Dee/Karen/Cyd/Eric/Robin) #26965
2015 June - "What Went Wrong?" (Robin/Dee/Cyd/Karen/Nathan/Eric) #27220
2015 September - "Incriminating Evidence Before Breakfast" (Robin/Cyd/Karen/Dee/Nathan) #27282

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2007 September - "Seeing is Believing" (Amanda / Brenda / Dee) #14256
2007 December - "Making Contact" (Dee/Brenda) #14849
2008 December - "T'Val cha'Soluk" (Dee/Brenda) #16925
2009 June - "He Said, He Said" (Dee/Esther/Jai) #18018
2013 September - "Peace Out" (Haili/Dee/Karen) #25109
2013 December - "Special Cargo" (Haili/Dee) #25402
2014 March - "A Snowball's Chance" - (Kassie/Karen/Eric/Dee/Haili/Jamie/Cyd) #25610
2014 June - "Staring into the Maw to the Unknown" (Dee/Eric/Jerry/Jamie/Michelle)
2014 September - "Reunited and it feels so goooood" (Shipwide) Series #26312,26327, 26332
2015 March - "The Royal Meet and Greet" (Dee/Karen/Cyd/Eric/Robin/Michelle/Jamie) #26796
2015 June - "Who Dunnit" (Robin/Michelle/Dee) #27089
2015 September - "What Went Wrong?" (Shipwide) #27220

Player Participation Commendation

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Awarded each month to a player who contributes a post weekly for the entire month.

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