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Endurance bridge.jpg

From Azeri Base, it begins with just a suggestion of a shadow outside a view port; nothing quite visual, but those with a keen sixth sense know that something lurks there in the dark. Then quite without warning, the rays of a distant sun reach out invisible fingers to caress an angle in such a way as to coax a reaction from the gloom and in response, a shard of light unexpectedly begins a slow journey across the dark, sharp planes of the object, exposing it little by little as shadows tumble end over end towards you.

On impulse engine, the lady arrives and her brilliant unveiling steals the breath as she appears with all the majesty of a royal. Suddenly, courtiers buzz about her person like bees, entering only with her expressed permission. Many cycles of a nearby star go by, and still she reigns supreme as they flit about her.

Glorious to behold, she is a dazzling jewel in the firmament of the stars.

And her name is Endurance

Ship Awards

Posting Commendation

Unit Posting Commendation
Awarded to a unit which has all 'active' players post the expected number of quality posts in a month.

2005 January
2005 February
2005 March
2005 April
2005 May
2005 June
2005 July
2005 August
2005 September
2005 October
2005 November
2005 December
2006 January
2006 February
2006 March
2006 June
2006 July
2006 August
2006 September
2007 January
2007 February
2007 March
2007 April
2007 May
2007 June
2007 July
2007 August
2007 September
2008 January
2008 May
2008 June
2008 July
2008 December
2009 January
2009 February
2009 May
2009 June
2009 July
2009 August
2009 September
2010 March
2010 May
2010 June
2010 July
2010 August
2010 September
2010 October
2010 November
2011 January
2011 July
2011 September
2011 December
2012 February
2012 June
2012 September
2012 October
2013 February
2013 March
2013 April
2013 June
2013 August
2013 November
2013 December
2014 January
2014 February
2014 March
2014 October

Unit Fleet Commendation

Unit Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a unit which has distinguished itself by meritorious service in the service of the United Federation of Planets over a period of twelve (12) months.

2005 December
2006 December
2007 December

Mission Commendation

Unit Mission Commendation
Awarded for outstanding performance in the service of the Fleet during a single mission that sets an example for the fleet.

2005 March - Supernova
2005 December - A Tear of the Prophets
2007 October - Nescio Trade
2014 July - Disappearing Act